Caught this trespasser on my game cam.

Finally finished the walls this weekend.

Took a bit of time to trim around the details. However with lots of measurements and re-measurements along with countless trips up and down the ladder I was able to get it done to my satisfaction.

I started in the middle and worked my way out to edges. Using each successful piece as a mirror template to get a rough idea for it’s opposing partner. None of them were the exact same but close enough so that I didn’t need to start all over from scratch 3 more times for each side. Window shims were a huge help to get fairly consistent spacing. However the rough sawn pine boards are not exactly consistent in their shape either.

I ended up with a kind of Roadhouse hay loft vibe in the loft I think. Didn’t plan on it but I’m into it now that it’s there. Was going to cover the spaces to make it Board and Batten but I kind of like the gaps. Will probably just seal them with some caulk and call it a done deal.

Also need to throw a piece of 1x4 cedar trim piece across the junction of the upper and lower walls to hide the seam.

I can now say the interior is finally looking closer to being finished and I can envision the completion being near at hand. With the walls all closed up it looks more like a finished cabin than a cabin being built.
Next up is trimming out the windows…this will be a first for me. Any suggestions out there??

Started installing the walls on the interior gable ends this weekend. I chose to use 1x12 rough sawn pine boards. Board and Batten style.
Had to put in some horizontal nailers first. Kind of an annoying chore as the thickness of the 2x4 was just a bit proud on top of the foam insulation and existing backer.
Ripping them down on the table saw to fit was an interesting first exposure to my table saw…violating every safety rule in the handbook to do so.
However, the results are looking pleasing.
I ran out of wood and time but will do the fine tuning over the next few weekends.
Should be interesting cutting the pieces to fit overtop of the window and around to roofbeam! :-/

Time for a nice steak dinner at my new table. Maybe I’ll even use it to start trimming out the windows at the cabin.

Ceiling is finished! Put the last panels of ply bead up this weekend. And finished it off with some touch up paint and magic eraser over my grimy finger prints.
Most of the panels were tacked into the purlins however I had 4 that had no backer. For these I used copious amounts of the Fast Acting PL3 variety of Liquid Nails and toe nailed them into the rafters along the edges before securing the supporting trim.
Pretty confident this will be enough to hold them as the manufactures recommended span is 24” center to center and my span is about 20”.
We’ll see!
Anyway now it’s on to finish the interior gable ends…

Ceiling is up in the loft. Needs a little bit of touch up paint but for the most part everything went in pretty well. It’s going to be interesting installing the other half on a ladder…

Found these little lazy dudes under some wood in the fire pit. Glad I checked.

Ceilings of my future. Trim and panels are painted and ready to go up.

Dug the beginnings of a spring this weekend. Water is coming straight up from the aquifer and out of a spring head in the side of a hill. Hopefully it will produce through the summer!

I plan on making this more official with a proper water catchment system and spring box over the next few weeks, provided my water test comes back a-ok.

One minor calamity. The ground had frozen so hard that the lumber I had stored under the shed rose at least 3 inches, raising the entire middle of my floor up in a big bubble in the middle! Had to get out the old bottle jack to raise the side of the cabin and pull all the warped cedar planks out. I had left what I thought to be plenty of clearance, however Mother Nature begged to disagree and I won’t make that mistake again. I also realized that a few of the nails in the subfloor missed the floor joists. Will have to remedy this in the spring after it all settles back down.