One minor calamity. The ground had frozen so hard that the lumber I had stored under the shed rose at least 3 inches, raising the entire middle of my floor up in a big bubble in the middle! Had to get out the old bottle jack to raise the side of the cabin and pull all the warped cedar planks out. I had left what I thought to be plenty of clearance, however Mother Nature begged to disagree and I won’t make that mistake again. I also realized that a few of the nails in the subfloor missed the floor joists. Will have to remedy this in the spring after it all settles back down.

Had to snowshoe everything in as the drive was covered in 3 feet of snow. Which was fine, until it came time for the generator. The generator’s generator was low on gas.

Hiked in to check on everything a few weeks ago. Was a beautiful but cold weekend, however the heater kept me nice and toasty.

The unusually cold winter has kept me from working on my cabin so took a trip somewhere warm and started a new one.

Generator shed still looks solid to me as well.

My lumber stack on the other hand looks like it had it feet swept out from under it. I reckon I’ll have some pretty warped plywood come spring. Womp womp.

Looks like prime snowshoeing to me! Can’t wait to head up in March and hike around.

Sadly I have not had the time to get up to the cabin lately, however I was able to have a very kind neighbor hike in and check on it.

Glad to report that all looks good. She snapped a few pics for me so I though I would post them up.

Still looks weathertight! Can’t wait to see it again in person.

On boats they call the bathroom “the head”.

Makita foot rest, beer…heat and lights! Ready for winter.

Almost done. Just need to attach the metal roof and finish the doors. Will eventually put in a 12v fan for airflow. Doors will stay open till then. Big thx to @suzb80 who was a a huge help all weekend…and all my life for that matter. 😁